Hello to you all,

Welcome to my site. Firstly, the site is open to anyone who is interested and I am hoping that men and women of all age groups and interests enjoy it and please, feel free to take part in any discussions or blogs you see.

Primarily, it is a site focusing on the books I write. But it is also a place where people can leave their views and feelings on the subjects that are relevant throughout. If there is some witty banter along the way, all the better. But please, if your views are of an extreme nature or derogative to myself or others, then bite your tongue. No harm in having your say, but I won’t allow my country to be spoken ill of or the men and women who serve it.

Anyway, my first book was my memoirs from my time as a private security contractor in Iraq. All too often I have seen books or articles that portray us as these bad arse super Terminator sorts. Either fiction or (so called) true life accounts, I’ve always found that the author, or maybe even the editor, beefs the whole thing up. This then takes away from the story that the people doing the job are in fact, real people. They are just men with a skill, doing what they do best. Running the Gauntlet: The Private War in Iraqis the story of my experiences on the circuit through some of the bloodiest years in post-war Iraq. But it also tells the human side to the men doing the job. Filled with action, humour, grief and a little on the shocking side to be honest. It’s a true story for people who want to cut through the Rambo waffle in the media.

My second book is the first of a three part series. The genre has seemed to make a rather popular come back recently with the likes of books, films (World War Z starring Brad Pitt) and TV programmes (The Walking Dead) and I decided I wanted to write my own story, from a perspective similar to my and using my own experiences. When there’s no more room in Hellis a post-apocalyptic story following two brothers as they attempt to survive from opposite sides of the globe. Marcus is trapped in Baghdad when the world falls apart and he and his team decide to fight their own way home across the Middle East and through Europe. They face a lot of challenges along the way and as society crumbles, it is clear that man’s inhumanity to man increases. Steve, the other brother, finds himself as the reluctant leader of a group of survivors back in the UK. He takes it upon himself to rescue the family of his brother as well as his own and along the way, his band of struggling survivors grow.

Both were great stories to write. I loved every minute of them. Either writing from my own memoirs and the nostalgia I felt in the process, or the chance to use my imagination and create my own world, writing is something I am hoping to make a new career of. Beats being shot at and blown up anyway.


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2 Comments to “Welcome”

  1. Dermot says:

    “Hi Luke,
    I have just finished your “when there’s no more room in hell” novels. Brilliant read fast paced and a real page turner. I am sure the third in the set will be as good and I can not wait for it’s arrival through Amazon.
    Thanks for a great story Dermot”

  2. Luke Duffy says:

    “You will be glad to know, Dermot,

    That Part Three is almost finished. I have just one chapter and then the epilogue to write then it is off for edit and proofing. I just hope (and I don’t see why not) that my readers enjoy the final just as much as they enjoyed the others.

    Glad you enjoyed them, mate, and keep an eye out for the third.


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