2012 Apocalypse

Well, less than a year to push according to the Mayan calendar.

Have you all started your preparations? Stocked up on tinned food and bottled water? Spare blankets and clothing in your ‘under the stairs bunker’? Or have you pushed the boat out and built a trench in the garden.

It could be another millenium bug style scare were nothing happens. The lights didn’t go out and we weren’t thrown in to the Dark Ages, but you just never know.

  • It could be an asteroid. Which in that case, you may as well eat them tins of beans now because we wont stand a chance. Just ask the dinosaurs.
  • A plague or disease. There are 7 billion people on the planet and if it is going to be an end of the world event, do you really think you’ll be the one lucky guy to survive?
  • Aliens might invade and wipe us all out. Tom Cruise and Will Smith wont be able to help us out this time because if the little green men have gathered their intelligence well, they will be on their guard against swine flu and computer hackers.
  • What if it’s a super volcano followed by a worldwide flood like in the movie 2012? I can’t see me being able to afford a seat on a giant GUCCI submarine but at least there’ll be no more drought warnings.
  • Nuclear war? I wouldn’t be too keen on living as a survivor of that. Terminators all over the place, giant insects and having to live the rest of my life in an NBC suit. No thanks.
  • Solar flare? Have you watched Knowing?

What do you reckon will happen when the clock runs out? Feel free to add your thoughts.

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