The Walking Dead

What is actually going on in the series <strong>The Walking Dead??</strong>

Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying it but, I’m confused by a couple of the characters in it.

Lori: The wife of the main character, Rick, seems to be on a very high and self righteous horse. After being unable to keep her legs shut (within minutes of being told that her husband was dead) she is now parading around as though she is whiter than shite, I mean white. Even going as far as telling Daryl that he is selfish because he said no when she asked him to go in to town (which is loaded with walking dead) and bring back her husband for no real reason other than because that is how she wanted it. He was right to tell her to shove the idea up her arse!

Dale: What is his problem? Granted, he and Shane don’t really get along, but he seems to be now trying to poison the rest of the group as he bounces from one to the next, spouting his ideas and opinions on the guy that has done more to keep them all alive than anyone else. Bear in mind, at this moment, we (the viewers) are the only people that know what really went on between Shane and Otis and also about how he contemplated shooting Rick at one point. So, from a point of view as one of the survivors, he’s a great guy and a better leader than Rick. That’s my opinion anyway.

Rick: Yes, he has a pregnant wife and young son to worry about. But he seems hell bent on doing whatever he can to appease everyone he has dealings with. Though, on the other hand, he continuously puts his neck out for complete strangers, or people who have no real use and getting himself in to more tricky situations in the process. He makes too many wrong decisions, including helping Hershel capture and guide a couple of dead heads to the barn. Personally, I think he’s a weak leader and too preoccupied with how others feel about what needs to be done. Why he is so determined to stay at the farm, I don’t know. Me? I would head to the middle of nowhere and set up shop far from wandering dead guys.

I just hope it doesn’t get all silly and dragged out like LOST did.

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