The Walking Dead

Well well well, who would’ve thought it?

Shane is killed by his best mate Rick in The Walking Dead.

In my humble opinion, Shane was the true backbone of the group. He was the one who knew how much the world had really changed and realised that only the people who can make the hard decisions would survive it. While the likes of Rick is running about trying to please all and struggling with his moral obligations to the scraps of humanity, Shane looked at the situation in a cold and black and white perspective.

Yes, he wasn’t the fullest of shillings, but I can’t say I blame him for some of his faults. Lori led him down the garden path, falling for him and giving his new life, in the new world, meaning. Then, she drops him like a bad habit as soon as her husband turns up. From then on, its all downhill for poor Shane. He is sidelined, his opinions and ideas are no longer considered and he became an outcast. I can’t blame him for some of the ways he reacted. Shane was the one who led the group from the start and he should have remained the leader.

Safe journey Shane.

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