When there’s no more room in Hell: Part II

Part two to the trilogy, ’When there’s no more room in Hell’ is now complete.

It has been sent off to the publisher for proofing, editing and design and hopefully, will be available soon. Please keep an eye out for updates on the site.

The story follows on from where the first one left off. A few surprises are in store and hopefully, readers will enjoy this one just as much as they did the first.

Work on the third has already begun and I intend to have it completed by Christmas.

Keep on reading and spread the word folks.

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9 Comments to “When there’s no more room in Hell: Part II”

  1. “I just finished No More Room Hell Vol 1 – and I sincerely hope your publisher gets his arse in gear and makes it available soon.

    Loved it.


  2. Luke Duffy says:

    “Hi Billy,

    I am really chuffed that you enjoyed the first because I truly enjoyed writing it.

    The second book should be out very soon, mate and I have made a start on the third so keep an eye out on the site for updates.”

  3. Andy says:

    “So enjoyed the first part. Read so many zombie books, this one bar far my favourite, please badger the publisher.

    Well done buddy.

    Whats the plans after the trilogy?”

  4. Luke Duffy says:

    “Cheers Andy,

    I appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed it mate.

    As for the follow up, its complete and ready, just waiting on the cover art. Been a bit of a delay but hopefully, the book will be available soon.

    Once I have finished the trilogy, I am planning on writing a couple of kids books from stories that I have had in my head for years. Worth a try and if no one wants it, I am sure my son will still enjoy it!

    Not sure what to do after that. There is always scope to write my memoirs from my army days but I think I will hang the type-writer up for a while, unless there is high demand for me to continue writing.”

  5. Andy says:

    “Thanks for update Luke, cant wait.

    Im sure theres more ‘apocalyptic’ stories in there……

    Look forward to kiddies books, hope my 2 enyoy em as much as do the zombie stuff.

    Good luck mate


  6. vicci says:

    “omg read all zombie books and watch all films but this book well i cant explain it, hurry with next part need to find out how marcus is and if he is going to get back okay ? and steve and the others are its better than watching the walking dead lolxx
    please hurry i live in gravesend near london so i cant wait till marcus gets to england .
    keep up the good work your brillxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

  7. Luke Duffy says:

    “Well Vicci,

    The second book is finished and ready to be printed. Just waiting on a delay in the cover art and it is completely out of my hands at the moment.

    Just about to start the third and final enstallment in the saga. I just hope people continue to enjoy the rest as much as they have the first.

    It is always good to hear that readers enjoy my books and your comments and feedback help to give me the kick up the arse that I need to continue writing.

    Actually, I will be doing a book signing session on the 17th November. Hopefully, I will have copies of the follow up to ‘When there’s no more room in Hell’ too. Have a look at the below link for the details and spread the word to like minded gore fans.


    Cheers Vicci,


  8. Good to hear. BTW, if you ever do a book signing in the Los Angeles area, be sure to post it on your site. My mates and i will be first in line.

  9. Luke Duffy says:

    “Cheers Billy,

    Good to know I have a fan-base of sorts. Hopefully, my books will become well enough known to allow me to be in LA sometime doing signings for all.


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