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Saturday, 17th November, I will be down in Leicester to attend the annual UK Festival of Zombie Culture – Day of the Undead at Phoenix Square. See below for details:

I will be bringing copies of both books to sign for anyone who is interested and if you already have a copy and would like to have it signed, please feel free to bring it along.

Should be a great event and I look forward to seeing you there.


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6 Comments to “Book Signing”

  1. Ericka says:

    Just curious if we’ll see a third book and if so when?I was so absorbed by the character’s that I was disappointed that I couldn’t continue on to what happens next lol.Love the series and very well written,I think it may even have the potential to make it to the big screen.

  2. Luke Duffy says:

    “Yes Ericka,

    There will be a third book. I have already begun work on it and I am hoping that it will be available by the middle of the year.

    Who’s your favourite character?

    You know any movie producers then by any chance? 🙂 “

  3. Amy says:

    Only thing I hate about this book is that I found it too soon, dont think I can wait for the third book. I read a lot of books of this kind but this is by far my favourite

  4. Luke Duffy says:

    “Well Amy,

    The good news is, the third book is underway. The bad news….I’m not going to rush it as it is the last of the series and I want it to be the best.

    Hope you can forgive me for this? 😉 “

  5. Rob Stevens says:

    I just finished reading your second book in the series “WHEN THERE’S NO MORE ROOM IN HELL II”, and i have to say that your books just get better! People ask me why I read these kinds of books, I tell them that, even though I like the idea of zombies, I enjoy reading how people would react if something were to happen to the world we live in. Your story and its characters are believable, and I look forward to reading the final book in the series. So thank you for that.

  6. Luke Duffy says:

    “Thanks Rob,

    I have worked hard to keep the characters believable (well, as believable as can be in a zombie story) 🙂 Most of the personalities in my books are actually based on real people who I have known in my life. Except Tony of course! I wouldn’t want to know a character like that piece of work!

    You will be happy to know that book three is underway and hopefully, will be available by June or July. The last thing I want to do, is rush it.

    Anyway, if it were to happen for real, I will see you at Knowsley Safari Park! 🙂 “

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