The Walking Dead – Season 3

It seems that Rick has finally grown a pair of balls by the looks of things!

Not only is he making that wife of his suffer for not being able to keep her legs together and having the nerve to judge and shun him for killing Shane, but he has now become the ruthless, cold and calculating leader that the group needed.

I have to say, I felt a glow of satisfaction when I saw the first episode of the third series and noticed the emotional barrier that Rick had thrown up between himself and Lori. It’s good to see her squirm as she hovers around him, saying and doing anything to break down the wall that Rick has built. I hope he keeps that pile of heartbreak bricks and mortar exactly where it is.

Most importantly, during the third episode, we see Rick at his finest. That prisoner was determined to see how far he could push things. Maybe he wanted to judge if he was in a strong enough position to take command of the group? Who knows what his motives and intentions were, and the best thing is, we will never know because Rick buried a fucking machete in his head and then fed one of his side-kicks to the dead.

Rick, you have climbed a few rungs on that ladder of leadership in my book. Keep it up!

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