The Walking Dead

Although I am still enjoying the series, I am beginning to fear that ‘The Walking Dead’ is starting to lose its way after watching Season 3.

To begin with, some of the characters seem a little, should we say ‘emotionally confused’? I know, it is to be expected, given the situation that they are in but, during some of the sub-plots, certain people appear to be focusing on the wrong matters.

I have been accused of being emotionally retarded or ‘cold hearted’ myself on many occasion, but I fail to understand, considering their immediate threat, why Glen was so worked up over the fact that his girlfriend was forced to show her wabs to her captor, ‘The Governor’? Yes, she was scared and yes, it was degrading. But she wasn’t hurt and they made it out alive. They then faced a bigger problem. The enemy was bruised and blooded, but a follow up was surely on the cards. The emotions of ‘You weren’t there maaan!’ and ‘my honour as a man is at stake’ should never have come in to it.

On top of that, why did Maggie add fuel to the fire and give him such a hard time in return instead of saying, ‘Hey, Glenn, get a grip. I showed him my fun-bags to stop you from getting chopped up and fed to those dead fucks now grow a pair and help me bomb up these mags and build some defences!’ Instead, she kept him in the dark and played the whole ‘cold and distant’ game.

How did Hershel get his leg chopped off and be walking around (without painkillers or antibiotics) within a couple of days? A friend of mine had his leg blown off out here in Iraq in 2007 and he still can’t dance so, I don’t know how old man Hershel did it!

When they brought Michonne in, why didn’t she tell them straight away why she was there? Instead, she sunk back into that ‘surly glaring’ style of hers, keeping everyone wondering why she was there. In a world like that, I’m sure that you would sing your heart out before the people holding you captive decided that you were no use and a bit of a weirdo, and put a round in your head.

There are many more examples, but I think you get the picture.

My main gripe though, would have to be the ‘Alamo’ scene where the governor attacked the prison. To begin with, I was impressed with the firepower they brought to bare. Particularly the RPG and the .50 cal Heavy Machine-gun which, would have made short work of the clumsy defenses that Rick and the others set up within the prison. I was expecting to see a good gun battle but instead, I saw something that resembled an episode of the A-Team from the 80′s… 5.56mm rounds ricocheting from flimsy wooden pallets, 7.62mm rounds failing to penetrate a pathetically thin and feeble filing cabinet? Deary me! Then, Glenn, Maggie and the other members of the ambush, with the element of surprise and holding higher ground overlooking a confused and fleeing enemy, failed to hit a single one of them with the hundreds of rounds that they poured into them from a relatively close rage…

Anyway, I think my rant has come to an end on this. What are your thoughts on the series?

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