More to Come!

Good afternoon everyone,

Just to let you all know, my publisher has requested that I write a new series on the ‘zombie genre’. After great thought and consideration, I have concluded that it is something that I want to do.

Over the past month I have received numerous emails and messages, all of which have expressed their sorrow that the ‘When there’s no more room in Hell’ saga has come to an end and that it is a shame there will be no more.

Well, rest assured that there is more to come.

The next story will follow the military perspective of the apocalypse. Don’t get me wrong, this will not be a gung-ho sort of series that concentrates more on the weapons and equipment of the characters. Instead, I will continue to delve in to the emotions, thoughts and actions of the individuals, potraying them as real people, and not computer generated figures from Call of Duty that appear as though they have smeared themselves in super-glue and ran through an Army & Navy store. ;)

The story will be big and diverse, both in scale and character development.

It is my hope that the new books will be enjoyed by all the fans of the originals and will gain many more followers.

Keep an eye out for updates on future releases.

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