The Walking Dead: Season IV

Is it just me, or has ‘The Governor’ now turned himself into ‘Snake Plissken’?

I do like the fact that they are showing a different side to him and I am curious to see where they go with it.

And while we are on the subject of Season-4; what in the name of John Wayne’s ass is Rick (the Dick) doing? Personally, I think that Carol did the ‘wrong’ thing, but for the ‘right’ reason. In a world that has gone completely to shit, and filled with dead people that want to eat you, and living people who want to fuck you (not the good sort either), Carol was thinking of the greater good. Maybe she should have consulted the group first? But we have all seen how the yellow rubber band, which Rick calls his spine, interferes with doing the necessary.  Carol had become one of the stronger members of the group, far stronger than Rick, and in that sort of world, it is her kind of quick and uncompromising thinking that is needed.

Anyway, I would like to see how Daryl reacts to the matter.

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