Now Available; The Dead Walk the Earth

Good day to you all,

My new book, ‘The Dead Walk the Earth’, part one in a series of four, is now available.


As the flames of war threaten to engulf the globe, a new threat begins to emerge.

A ‘deadly flu’, the like of which no one has ever seen or imagined, relentlessly spreads from the lower hemisphere, gripping the world by the throat and slowly squeezing the life from humanity.

The dominance of man over the planet, is coming to an end.

Eight soldiers, accustomed to operating below the radar, carrying out the dirty work of a modern democracy, become trapped within the carnage of a new and terrifying world.

Deniable and completely expendable. That is how their government considers them, and as the dead begin to walk, Stan and his men must fight to survive.

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7 Comments to “Now Available; The Dead Walk the Earth”

  1. Jenn says:


    You have some pretty tough Betty’s in this book & I love it!! Some hardcore action! Tons of blood & gore. Awesome!!! Can’t wait for more!

    You’re the man Duffy!”

  2. Luke Duffy says:

    Cheers very much, Jenn.

  3. Amy says:

    Just read the first installment of the dead walk the earth, what can I say you have fast become my favourite author by far. Very selective with my hard copies with the amount of space they take but when there’s no more room in hell have top spot looks like I’m going to need moor room on that shelf

  4. Brian says:

    “Good Day Luke,

    I have already purchased & read this book twice ! Excellent start to a new series.
    I wanted to know if you had any idea as to when we may expect the second release

    As always – Great Work


  5. Molly Young says:

    “Hello Luke,

    Well done on writing these books. I have been scanning the internet over the past couple of days and have just ‘found’ your book, although I did recieve a message through my old Facebook account that you were about to publish it(them) a wee while back. I dropped off the visible radar not long after that and completely forgot about your book. Sorry about that!

    I last saw Martin back in 2008 at ‘Geordie’ Swann’s funeral and it was great to catch up albeit in tragic circumstances. One thing that makes me realise just how old I now am is that when you were both at Catterick, you were really still ‘boys’. Whilst in training I hope that what you learned from us has served you well? I never have been on ‘The Circuit’! Promised my mum that I wouldn’t do it and after losing so many close friends I’m glad I didn’t do the ‘Dash’!!!! I do work in the Security Industry though, looking after ‘High Wealth Individuals’ and their families but in the more benign regions of southern Spain. Pays well too which is a bonus.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading both your books in the near future…

    Best wishes

    Malcolm (Molly) Young”

  6. Cathy says:

    I truly enjoyed ‘When There’s No More Room in Hell’. I can not wait to read the follow up. You have a dedicated reader now lol. Not sure about reading your first book, but I’ll probably get desperate and read it while waiting.

  7. Luke Duffy says:

    “Thank you Cathy,

    The second is almost ready to be submitted to the publisher. I am hoping that it will be available to buy within the few months.

    It is always great to hear from readers that have enjoyed my books and I hope you enjoy the next two books just as much as you enjoyed the first.

    Keep an eye out on the site for news on release dates etc…


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