Not all is as it seems….!

To my readers;

I am sure that you have all heard the phrase, ‘assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups’?

Well, please do not make that mistake with the storyline of the new series. Some people already believe that they have the plot marked out and know where it will lead to. This is with reference to the first chapter of the new book, ‘The Dead Walk The Earth’. I can assure you that your assumptions are misplaced.

In this day and age of twisting and turning plots, it would be extremely dumb of me to make it so obvious from the word go and allow the story to be so predictable.

There are a few shockers in store and I am hoping to hear a few jaws hit the ground from around the world as certain events unfold. ;)

Keep an eye out and an open mind.

That’s me and my Iraqi dog, Doris, by the way…

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