The Dead Walk the Earth: Part II

Great news;

The second book to ‘The Dead Walk the Earth’ is now available.

The mainland is lost, conquered by the armies of walking dead that now roam the earth, consuming all in their path as they spread like a black plague through the wasteland that had once been civilisation. As the remains of the human race retreat to the islands, clinging to them like life rafts in an ocean of terror, the ravenous monsters, the evil shadows of humanity, become the dominant species on the planet.

Disease, famine, and death begin to spread through the cramped refugee camps, threatening the continued existence of the living and forcing the remnants of the government and armed forces to begin an offensive that would recapture the ground that they have lost to the infected hordes.

The survivors of the team, finding themselves placed at the spearhead of the great counterstrike, are given a special mission that would help tip the scales against their rotting enemy. Now they must fight for the entire world.

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24 Comments to “The Dead Walk the Earth: Part II”

  1. neil henry says:

    really enjoying the new series as i did with the last trilogy, looking forward to books 3 and 4, thanks for an enjoyable read

    • Luke Duffy says:

      Good to hear it, Neil.

      Book three is being worked on as we speak. I’m hoping it will be available by the middle of the year, so keep an eye out, mate.

  2. Jim McCain says:

    Just finished The Dead Walk the Earth II and enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to the next installment. Just about to start When There’s No More Room in Hell I

    • Luke Duffy says:

      Great stuff, Jim,

      You may notice that the two different series of books also collide in small ways. The name ‘Marcus’ was mentioned in book-two, referring to radio transmissions that the team had been listening to. ‘When there’s no more room in Hell’ is centred around the origin of those transmissions…

      Enjoy! 🙂

  3. frank says:

    Happy New Year Luke
    Started off reading When There’s No More Room In Hell and I was blown away with the action and characters. I liked the fact that you had danger coming from fellow survivors like Tony and the Undead. Will there be a follow up to see how the survivors are doing at the Lake District? Almost finished book 2 of The Dead Walk the Earth will there be a third book? My bug out kit is at hand.

    • Luke Duffy says:

      Hi Frank,

      Happy New Year to you, too. I hope 2015 is a good one for you.

      I’m really chuffed that you enjoyed the characters so much. I put a lot of thought into their development so it’s great to hear that my efforts are appreciated.

      As for more books, there will be another two to come in the ‘Dead Walk the Earth’ series. Not sure if I will go back to the originals, but I will never say never. If demand is great enough, I would be wrong not to give the readers what they want, don’t you think?

  4. Frank Riley says:

    Hi Luke, thanks for the reply, as a Crap Hat and not the Maroon Machine, its great too have an understanding for readers who may have limited knowledge of weapon systems, tactics used. It would be great to see either series turned into a televised show along the lines of The Walking Dead. Has anyone picked up on the titles of both series that were part of a speech in the orginal George A Romero movie, “Dawn of the Dead”.?
    “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead shall walk the Earth”

    • Luke Duffy says:


      Although countless others have no doubt noticed the reference in the book titles to movie, ‘Dawn of the Dead’, you’re the first to actually point it out. Congratulations. 🙂

      I’d love nothing more than to have my books turned into something for the small or big screen. However, I’m a realist and couldn’t see that happening. The books have done well, but not on the same scale as the likes of ‘World War Z’ and ‘The Walking Dead’. But you never know…

      I think Britain could do with an answer to the American dominated zombie apocalypse genre.

  5. Laraine says:

    Hi, I found the dead series by accident and I’m so glad I did! I much prefer these types of books to have a military element to them I can’t explain why I just do!! Do you have a mailing list that informs your fans of your latest releases?

    • Luke Duffy says:

      Hi Laraine,

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a mailing list as such but keep an eye on the website for updates. I’m hoping that the third book will be out around the middle of the year.


  6. Dan says:

    The worst thing about reading the Dead Walk the Earth Part I and II in 3 days is that now I have to wait until the rest of them come out. Great books.

    • Luke Duffy says:

      Cheers Dan,

      Both books in just three days? I hope you didn’t call in sick at work just so you could sit at home reading my books… 🙂

  7. S Kane says:

    WOW!!! Just finished reading the first trilogy and must have ‘zoned out’ half way through number 2. When I regained my senses I was completely naked surrounded by the corpses of my decapitated family and pets.
    More of the same please Mr Duffy!!!

    S Kane

  8. S Kane says:

    Mr, Duffy
    I hope with your next set of books you intend to strike some semblance of balance and fair play by portraying the living in a light as biased and negative as the one you have thus far afforded the undead.
    Good day to you Sir,
    S Kane

  9. MMH says:

    Found this series by chance. Love them can’t wait to read your other books and future. I love the military angle of zombie books. Being 13 years in USAF and having done convoys in middle east and being a combat vet (and being female) I love having few strong females in your books. I will be recommending you to by friends.

    • Luke Duffy says:

      Glad to hear it. Be sure to spread the word and keep a look out for the next book. Part-Three should be available around July-ish…


  10. Rachel says:

    Really enjoyed the book, looking forward to the next one. I hope I will pace myself a bit better with the third if there is one after, waiting is awfully difficult between books. Perhaps I shouldn’t read them in one sitting?

    • Luke Duffy says:

      Well, Rachel…

      I take it as a good sign that you couldn’t help but read the book in one sitting. I’m obviously doing something right.

      Glad you enjoyed it.

  11. Ric says:

    You’ve really done a great job with this story. I bought both 1 and 2 at the same time and like Rachel said – I did a poor job of pacing myself too. I cannot wait for the 3rd installment. Thank you for these well done works.

    • Luke Duffy says:

      Thanks a lot, Ric,

      While waiting for the next book, I recommend that you read the others a few times over, just in case you missed anything. 😉

      Seriously though, I appreciate your kind words.

      I’m hoping that book-three will be out around the middle of the year.

      Are you aware that both series are being made into Audio?

  12. Neil says:

    Just finished Dead Walk the Earth Part 2 and looking forward to the third book. Read out of order so just waiting for no more room in hell pt2 to be delivered, but loved the first in that series too.
    I do have a question though, in the first two parts of the latest series (slight spoiler alert for anyone else reading)..
    There are a couple of hints to outside human forces being involved (door being opened in the bunker, explosion at the airport gates for example). Are these red herrings or something to watch out for? I can’t figure out if I’ve just read into it wrongly or if that is a real thread and it’s annoying me for no real reason at all!!

  13. Luke Duffy says:

    Hi Neil,

    Sounds like you have really delved into the books and let them into your head. I see that as a compliment.

    Anyway, when you read the first series, ‘When there’s no more room in Hell’, you’ll begin to realise that all the books, including ‘The Dead Walk the Earth’ are related, in the sense that they are parallel stories, set in the same universe.

    To answer your questions… The explosion at the airport was nothing more than human error. I didn’t feel the need to explain this in the book. It was just one of those things. Someone playing with a pile of explosives? Some new guy not being careful with the MILAN? Never smoke near live grenades! And always store them separate from their fuses!

    As for the bunker… You read book two in ‘The Dead Walk the Earth’, right? So you know what Stan and his men stumble upon…. more questions that I really don’t want to answer. But I will say this, think about what the bunker was. Who worked there. The power that it wielded, in a sense of global security and espionage. What else could’ve been down there, safe from the wrong people?

    Think about the back stories, the political arguments that are ongoing. The different factions and what they’re doing or demanding… Again, if you’re smart enough, the story may begin to unfold in your own head once you have read the final book to ‘When there’s no more room in Hell’.

    Anyway, Neil, I sincerely hope that I haven’t answered your questions. 🙂

  14. John says:

    I just started reading The Dead Walk the Earth II. Did I miss a book? I am only two chapters in but don’t know why or how everyone got off the the tower roof at the Manchester Airport or what happened when the Chinook landed to look in the Cessna? Did I miss a whole book?

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