The Sickness is in the Detail

Recently, a close friend of mine called me up for what I presumed was a chat.

The first thing he said to me when I answered the phone was… ‘Luke, you are a twisted, sick fucker’. That was his exact phrase. At first, I wasn’t sure how to take his choice of words, but then I soon saw them as a compliment, as he continued to speak.

He had taken the time to indulge himself with the audio-book for ‘When there’s no more room in Hell: Part I’.  I realise now that what he said was positive, in a strange sort of way. Especially seeing as he has also bought part II and III of the series.

The reason for his referral to my state of mind, was because of my writing style. I’m a big believer in detail, and drawing the reader into the story. Maybe not to the extent that Stephen King would, describing a coffee cup and taking a whole chapter to do so, but nevertheless, I like to build an atmosphere and set the scene. However, for some people, a maternity ward being overrun by zombies was a little too well described and hard to stomach as a result.

Anyway, back to my plate of liver, with fava beans. Pass me the chianti…..


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2 Comments to “The Sickness is in the Detail”

  1. Kenny says:

    That scene with Terry trying to defend the infants and the road of crucified zombies are two of the best scenes i have read in this genre, it gave me the shivers.
    I’m hoping we haven’t seen the end of Stan and his colleagues or Steve and his band of survivors.
    great storytelling, keep it up

    • Luke Duffy says:

      Thanks Kenny,

      The Terry chapter was a great part of the first book. Even while I was writing it, I knew that it was special (in a sick and evil sort of way). My editor was horrified, but also blown away when she first read it. 🙂

      I’m starting a new series of books, and I promise to have more sickness within the pages. As for Stan and Steve, I have left it sort of open, in case I decide to one day come back to them. It will always be there in my mind, so you never know.

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