A Change in Genre

Once that the next and final book in ‘The Dead Walk the Earth’ series is available, I intend to carry out a change in direction.

Firstly, I want to go back to the first book I ever wrote, ‘Running the Gauntlet: The Private War in Iraq’. My writing style has changed dramatically since those days, and seeing as I had it de-published a number of years ago, I thought it would be a sound plan to conduct a bit of a re-write/edit of the book. Once completed (hopefully sometime around the latter end of 2016), I will begin in the laborious, and sometimes heart-breaking, search for a new publisher. It really isn’t an easy thing to do, even for someone who is already published and making a name for themselves. However, I will make my approach, launch my assault, and fight through the position with a fixed bayonet, all the while gritting my teeth and screaming like a lunatic, as the rejections come flooding back. But be assured, they will never break me! 🙂

Once that ‘Running the Gauntlet’ is out there and doing the rounds from one publisher and editor, to the next, I will turn my attention towards my next project.

Now this may sound hard to believe, but I am intending to write a couple of books for the younger readers. I already have some stories written down in draft, and they will need revising and tidying up, but yes, books for children. I know what you’re all probably thinking; how can he go from writing about people being butchered, with graphic descriptions that would make a Serbian war criminal feel light-headed, to stories for the entertainment of kids, and not scare them half to death?

Simple… it’s all about tapping into the mind-set of the intended audience, capturing their imagination, and then drawing the reader into the story. A few of you are already aware of the stories I am working on, along with their general plotlines, but I would appreciate it if you kept them to yourselves. Needless to say, they are tails that I have already pitched to a number of young children, and the response has been an extremely positive one.

Keep an eye on the site and my Facebook page for updates.

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