The Dead Walk the Earth – Part IV – Audio

Part four of the current series is now available on Audio.

You can find it on Amazon and Audible, as well as other audio sites, I would imagine.


It has been twelve years since the dead began to walk. The Earth is overrun with the rotting corpses of humanity that swarm through the lands and devour everything in their path. The cities have become graveyards, their tall buildings morphing into giant, crumbling tombstones that watch over the carcasses of civilisation while small clusters of the living hide amongst the ruins.

The base is surrounded and running low on supplies, ammunition, and above all…hope. As the people within the fortress walls slowly suffer the same fate that has befallen the rest of the world, they realise that the time has come for them to leave. Under the leadership of Tina, the survivors must confront their worst fears, and venture out into the infested wasteland to find a new place to live before it is too late.

Stan and his men are also searching for a new beginning. With virtually nothing left for them to scavenge during their raiding parties to the shore, they need to look elsewhere, but they cannot do it alone. Seeing no other choice, they launch one final and daring mission to the mainland in a bid to ensure their continued survival.

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2 Comments to “The Dead Walk the Earth – Part IV – Audio”

  1. David says:

    Hi Luke! I love your story telling! The way you explain what’s happening flows really well and I can just imagine each scene as you describe it with great detail. I just finished the third book to this series and I’m looking forward to reading book 4.

    Thank you!


    • Luke Duffy says:

      Hi Dave,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the series so far. Yes, I love to draw the reader in and leave very little blanks to the imagination. I’m going to be starting work on a new series of books in the near future, chocked with tons of detail and gore.

      Have you managed to read my other series, ‘When there’s no more room in Hell’?

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