The Return…

I’ve seriously been negligent towards my site over the past few months, but in my defence, I’ve been rather busy and the laptop that I was working from had caught AIDS. It’s hard to write and post when the ‘N’ and ‘B’ keys on your computer no longer respond.

Anyway, just to keep you all informed, I am returning from the wilderness and will soon begin writing again. I had planned to take a step back from the genre, and maybe write about other subjects, but the demand from my readers seems to be the deciding factor. People want more blood and guts, victims being torn limb from limb, and the world collapsing into anarchy while the dead spread across the globe like a plague.

Righty dokey then; if more is what you bloodthirsty sickos want, then more you shall have.

I have some great ideas and plots going around in my twisted mind, as well as characters that I wish to bring to life. I am hoping that my next creations will have the same sort of impact and reception as my previous efforts.

As you are all probably well aware, I’m not the sort who goes immediately into the narrative of the crisis. I like to build up to it, develop the characters and the atmosphere. I intend to more of the same, with powerful descriptions and scenarios that will capture the imagination.

That is all for now, but I promise to post regular updates on here, along with my Facebook page and my Twitter account, @LukeDuffyBooks

Wait out….

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