twd_705_gp_0620_0084-rtThe Walking Dead was great for the first couple of seasons. It was new, something very different from what we were used to seeing. Vampires were on every channel, either being easily defeated by young girls and nerds, or too busy searching for their own safe space because they’re actually really sensitive souls and don’t like killing people.

Enter The Walking Dead; death and destruction on an epic scale in a world where no one was safe, regardless of their Hollywood price tag. It was gorily refreshing to see men, women, and children being torn limb from limb, with torrents of blood that threatened to pour out from the TV and into your living room.

However, after season two, it has steadily declined. Both in plot and atmosphere. Each year it becomes more tiresome and less interesting, with characters that are as lifeless as the dead and without any redeeming traits. Leaving fans uncaring to whether or not the majority of the cast live or die. Each season we see a simple copy and paste exercise with the scenarios and circumstances that Rick and his group face, and the only real change being the names of the bad guys.

The dead have become a mere background annoyance, with no real danger or fear factor anymore. They should be terrifying, ever present and relentless, with every decision and consideration that the living make being centred on them and what they’re capable of (Battlefield Appreciation…as such). Instead, they’ve morphed into homeless people, begging for change as the living pass them on the street, easily side-stepping them as Rick and the others continue on their way.

It’s become monotonous, frustrating, and repetitive. Each episode is now a task in itself for me to get through.

Worst of all, Carl Grimes seriously needs a fucking haircut. Negan, please save us from the horror, and if you’re not going to kill him, at least take him to the barber shop.

The latest season is rapidly becoming one giant cum fart!


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