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The second half of season seven of The Walking Dead is fast approaching (is it the 20th Feb?), and my new book is underway, with me now once again having the bug for writing, well and truly under my skin. So it is good news all around, I guess.

My main hope for the future, apart from my upcoming series of books to be received as well as the first two, is that Rick Grimes is finally going to grow a pair of balls. Negan, despite his numbers and ability to intimidate everyone that he meets, would actually be very easily defeated, providing that a degree of planning and preparation was observed, rather than the usual ‘off the cuff / knee-jerk’ strategy of Rick and his team. Negan’s position is actually pretty weak, mainly due to poor communications, distances between his various outposts and the weakness of the people he is needing to rely upon. They follow him out of fear, not necessarily because of his leadership skills and his ability to inspire.

Also, maybe…just maybe, Carl will get a haircut. If I was the scriptwriter for ‘The Walking Dead’ I would have written a scenario into the story that would lead to Carl getting into a brawl with a set of clippers….and losing.

Having said that though, there’s something about Negan that I can’t help but warm to. Does that make me a bad person? Am I like one of those women who fawned over Ted Bundy, despite his horrific crimes? At least Negan has some kind of plan, which seems to be making himself the king of the world. But at least it’s a plan. Unlike Rick, who seems to bounce about from one drama to the next like a crane fly in a draft.

Anyway, I’m sounding rather negative here, so hey…my new book…. It’s nowhere near completed yet, but I promise that it will be a good one. It starts out right in the thick of the action, as civilisation is quickly crumbling. But it is not falling apart due to a virus, or the dead returning to life (yet). That part of the story is gradual, creeping into the pages like a thickening mist seeping in through the cracks of your windows and doors.

Okay, time for more coffee….

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2 Comments to “A New Series”

  1. diane williams says:

    hi, i am a 62 year old lady who works full time and has read all my life and also enjoys the walking dead, i used to read mostly mysteries, but about 3-4 years ago i started reading zombie fiction and am not reading anything else. i really enjoyed all 5 of your books , i liked the mix of civilians and military guys, there are a lot of bad books out there, also. i am looking forward to a new i hope zombie book from you and hope you will do a series cause they are most interesting cause a good book with strong characters and an excellent story line is most interesting when it continues, thank you diane williams

    • Luke Duffy says:

      Hi again, Diane,

      How do you go from mysteries to zombie apocalypse? It’s not the usual progression, is it? 🙂

      Anyway, yes, there are more books to come. Keep your eyes on the site for updates.

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