Let’s get it on!

For the love of all that is holy…

When will Daryl just grab hold of Carol and Marvin Gaye it? The sexual tension between them has been simmering, ready to erupt (pardon the pun) into a boiling deluge of passion since the second series, or sometime around then. By the time the gang were holed up in the prison in the third season, the pair of them were tearing at each other’s clothes, at least in their dreams. Carol has dropped enough suggestions and innuendos, so why hasn’t Daryl given in to his baser instincts? I haven’t noticed him get much in the way of ‘sexy-time’ during the past seven years, so what is it?

Does Carol just not do it for him (she’s actually my ‘Shouldn’t, but most definitely would!’)? Is he in the closet? Is he a secret monk of some sort, having made a vow of celibacy? Ah…wait, is it because he respects her too much?

Regardless, with most of the world dead and each day possibly being their last, I would imagine that in reality people would be at it like rabbits. We would be living every minute to the full and not caring about modern day social sensitivities or, ‘what if someone walks in?’. Not only would weaponry, fighting skills, food, shelter and safety be on the top of the list of priorities, but so would inventing more practical quick release devices for trousers, as belts and buttons take time and that could get people killed if they are caught during a moment of passion and need to run for their lives.

In a post-apocalyptic world we’d be fighting and fucking like the Barbarians when they sacked Rome! The human race would be stripped to its bare bones of instinct and rawness, with social etiquette, inhibitions, and concerns about what people will think cast to the wind. At every opportunity, there would be a Sausage-Fest!

Mein Gott, I cannot wait for the apocalypse! 😉

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