Today we celebrate the most important day in the Christian calendar; the day that Jesus became one of the undead.

If the story was about anyone else, it would be listed under ‘Horror’, but because it was about a man who was considered the son of God, an entire religion and culture grew around him and his teachings, and the book became the best seller of all time. The Bible is filled with references to the dead rising, and even its lead character ends up becoming a zombie. I bet no one saw that coming. Nice twist Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!

So, what happens when George A. Romero finally joins those flesh-eaters in the sky? Will a cult be formed and eventually become the largest religion on the planet? Imagine that! Fucking hell, everyone would be walking about wearing outrageously oversized glasses on their faces. I think the Jesus ‘Hippy’ look is much better, to be honest.

Happy Easter to you all.

And if anyone finds this post offensive, then just wait until Ramadan!

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