Call me Hannibal

Last night I found myself completely enthralled with a documentary on More4… Psychopath Night.

I’ve read and watched plenty on psychopathy and its case studies, but last night’s programme was different from the others. It went a little deeper, and as well as the usual scrutiny of serial killers and their psyche, it also broached the subject that very few people know about;

There are a lot of psychopaths in the world, and many of them aren’t running about, slashing women in the shower and then wearing their skin. Most psychopaths never actually kill, and many are successful in life. In fact, the majority of them are very successful, with families, careers, and in positions of power. It’s believed that politics, banking and business have a much larger percentage of ‘high functioning psychopaths’ than most other industries. That explains Tony Blair then.

In my time, I’ve been accused of being cold-hearted, ruthless, unremorseful, even completely devoid of emotion (I think the collective noun is ‘arsehole’). But I’m also very focussed, organised, cool-headed, absent of delusions or phobias. I don’t get particularly anxious over things that most people would find hard to deal with. There’s a long list, and I have both the good, and the bad characteristics of a psychopath. So, I took the test. In fact, a took a few different tests that I found on various websites. The conclusion? I’m a nicer and more approachable version of Hannibal Lecter! I always knew I was different!

No wonder my books are so graphically gruesome. 😉

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