Where’s the Fear?

Is it just me, or is anybody else struggling to get into the Walking Dead spinoff, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’?

I watched the first season and thought that it had some potential. I liked the way that it covered the gradual decline of human civilisation, although it was a little too much like we were viewing this global disaster from a goldfish bowl. But still, it was better than the viewer being thrown into the thick of it, without experiencing the numerous scenarios of how a diverse society would react to such a devastating virus. There were characters that I liked, and some that I despised, which makes for a good pool of entertainment.

However, from season two onwards, it’s been one of the most dreary programmes on TV. More so than EastEnders, and for those who know me, I detest all soap-operas. So, to say that Fear the Walking Dead is worse than any of them, is truly saying something.

I recently attempted to begin watching the second half of the second series. Immediately, I was beyond bored. I found that scratching my arse was the only thing that could stop me from falling asleep. Within fifteen minutes, it became nothing more than background noise, while I began disinterestedly browsing the net and watching daft videos on You-Tube. If I had decided to watch paint in the process of drying, I would’ve been more entertained. I find The Walking Dead difficult to watch these days, but ‘Fear‘ is almost impossible.

So, please, before I decide to endure this any further, or delete it entirely from my viewing choices, can anybody tell me if it gets any better?


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2 Comments to “Where’s the Fear?”

  1. Frank says:

    Hi Luke,
    yes it picks up and you get to know more of the outbreak happening around them,you meet other survivors but are they ate they hiding something from the orginal group will they join forces become stronger or do they want to take all their stuff leave them stranded,kill them. the choice is in your hands press the remote and watch the outcome.
    Will there be anymore stories in regards to Stan and his gang?

  2. Luke Duffy says:

    Thanks Frank,

    Well a new book was started, that I intended to be the cement that would bring both series together. However, due to a computer death, I lost the nine or ten chapters I had written and there was no back-up. That was a basic and idiotic mistake on my behalf.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to begin again, but I do intend to put pen to paper again in the near future.

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