Running the Gauntlet: The Private War in Iraq

In 2003, Coalition Forces led by America and Great Britain invaded Iraq. In the immediate aftermath the country was left lawless and in turmoil. The army had disintegrated and the police force was none existent. Much of the once powerful nation’s infrastructure was smashed and destroyed while the rest of the country, after years of crippling sanctions, had fallen in to disrepair.

Western construction companies moved in to begin the rebuilding of Iraq and all the while, the insurgency campaign gained momentum. Kidnappings and attacks on westerners were becoming more frequent and larger, in both scale and daring. The death toll was rising.

Many professional soldiers, from all over the world, realised that a lot of money could be made on the ever growing second front of the Iraq war. They left in their droves to join the ‘Gold Rush’.

Soon, these privately funded soldiers found themselves caught in savage and brutal attacks and gun battles in the streets of Iraq on a daily basis. Running the Gauntlet: The Private War in Iraq is the no punches pulled true account of one man’s experiences of the anarchy that reigned after the fall of Saddam.

Available in hard copy and digital editions at WH Smith, Waterstones,, and many more good bookstores. 

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