When there’s no more room in Hell

Mankind is on the brink of extinction. A deadly plague sweeps the globe like a tsunami causing the dead to rise and prey on the living. When there’s no more room in Hell is a horror/action set in a post apocalyptic world filled with suspense, drama, humour, grief and action.

While one brother fights his way home through the horrors and confusion of a savage landscape from the ‘Meat Grinder’ that is Iraq, the other finds himself as the leader of a rag-tag band of survivors striving to survive against the onslaught of the dead.

In 2014, civilization finally begins to lose its struggle and descends in to ruin. Three years earlier Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen erupted in to civil war. The following year, terror attacks during the London Olympics left thousand’s dead and the western armies of America and Great Britain found themselves at war with Iran, while Iraq and Afghanistan broke down in to anarchy. Soon, North Korea and China joined the fight, causing the West to lose its grip on the East.

The many natural disasters of the past decade also come in to play, giving the reader an overall feeling of impending doom. Famine, Pestilence, War and Death are gripping the human race by the throat and many, really do believe the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived. As armies and navy’s fought each other for control of the land, sea and air, a plague began to take hold in the southern hemisphere within the borders of Africa and South America. Continually mutating and of unknown origin, the flu like virus causes villages and town’s within the third world to become mass graves. The world seems more preoccupied with the numerous wars and the problem goes on ignored until, the virus begins to reanimate the dead.

In ‘When there’s no more room in Hell’ there is no such thing as George A. Romero. The concept of the dead returning to life is completely alien and as a result, all the more horrific.

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